A successful school camp has the power to transform students in a very short space of time. They provide opportunities for students to live in shared accommodation, develop social skills and independence, challenge themselves and enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Wongan Hills DHS offers many opportunities for students to enhance their learning, set goals, compete and socialise with other students from other schools, face fears and challenges and enhance self esteem through camps and excursions.

* Leadership Camps - these are offered to Student Councillors, House Captains and Cadet leaders as a way to set goals, plan for improvement and build skills to operate as a leader. Sometimes we will mix with other leaders from similar size schools to share this process.

* BIVOUAC - this is an annual camp run in the last week of Term 2. Emergency Service Cadets are offered the opportunity to implement the range of skills learned in Semester 1 by hiking into bushland with all they need for 4 days of survival in the wild. They cook their own meals around the campfire and engage in a host of survival activities and competitions, sleeping in tents at night.

* Year 6/7 Annual Camp - each year in Term 4 our Senior Primary students head off to a different destination (2014 is Kalgoorlie) to explore local history of the region, engage in team building activities, set goals and self reflect and have loads of fun throughout!

* Cadet Camp Term 4 - Forget the tents for this camp, this time the cadets venture out in style to a new location each year. These camps encourage cadets to work as team, implement skills learned in Cadets and experience their new surroundings.

* Country Week - High School students are invited to participate against other District High Schools in a variety of sports over the course of the week. When not playing sport there is a River Cruise, outings to cultural and iconic Perth destinations, a trip to the movies and a dinner out!

Aside from the above, there are also numerous other opportunities including: