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PEAC stands for Primary Extension and Challenge. This program, run by the West Australian Department of Education, provides a range of opportunities for primary school aged students who are identified as having outstanding potential in academic areas.
The Department of Education and Training is committed to providing such opportunities in government schools. The Policy for the Education of Gifted and Talented Students indicates that there are two levels of provision for gifted and talented government school students in Western Australia: school-based and supplementary. Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC) is a centrally supported supplementary program.
The Department of Education and Training has a strong tradition of providing for gifted and talented students in government schools. At the primary level, withdrawal Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC) programs have operated since 1983.
PEAC caters for the special learning needs of gifted and talented students in Years 5, 6 and 7. PEAC centres offer a wide range of extension courses as well as specialist courses in a variety of community and educational settings.
PEAC courses are for exceptionally able students and these are generally identified as those being in the 97th percentile and above.  In some cases, students outside the 97th percentile can be put forward as candidates for PEAC through a School Nomination system.
The following tests are currently administered to students in Year Four:
1.      Tests of Learning Ability 4 (TOLA 4)
This test has been designed to measure broad language and reasoning abilities, which correlate with academic success.
TOLA 4 has three components:



Verbal Comprehension, as measured by knowledge
e.g. using vocabulary-synonyms






Problem solving items of a mathematical kind; and






Verbal analysis and reasoning, using analogies






2.      Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices (SPM)
This test is designed to measure students’ ability to see relationships and solve problems.  It is a test of students’ reasoning ability on non-verbal items and is useful where verbal tests like the TOLA 4 cannot be expected to give a satisfactory assessment, as in the case of students with poor reading ability.  It can also be effective in assessing the ability of children of non-English-speaking background. 
SPM     /60
P Percentile Results
Individual scores are normed to Australian standards according to chronological age at the date of assessment.
Test Administration
Students are tested in year four of primary school.


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