Under the School Education Act 1999 government schools are required to have a school council with parent and community members holding the majority of its membership. The principal is automatically a member of the council. School staff and students 15 years and over may also be nominated.

The school council’s involvement is in the governance of the school, however it does not have a role in school management. It is a separate entity to the parent and citizen body, but a member of the Parent and Citizens’ Association (P&C) may be nominated in the parent or community category. As such school council meetings cannot form part of the P&C meetings.

Functions of the school council:

What are the goals of the Wongan Hills District High School Council?

The School Council is made up of 6 Parents who are on 2 or 3 year term which are staggered and nominations are called for at the start of each year through the Wongarette. Additionally there is a P&C Rep who is appointed by the P&C each yearly.